Types and Color

  1. Limit the number of interior signs; only essential Information, Direction, Identification and Regulation signs are permitted.
  2. Use changeable modular commercial sign systems for flexibility.
  3. Limit the use of individual letters to Group 1 facility types.
  4. Limited use of specialty signs is permitted for unique applications.
  5. Use bulletin boards, easels or an electronic information board for the temporary display of posters and announcements.
  6. Signs must be low-maintenance materials to last the life of the programmed activity or use.
  7. Coordinate sign colors with the design theme throughout a facility; include fire panel graphics.
  8. Locate building directory signs in main lobbies; indicate diagrammatic floor plans, an alphabetized legend and room numbers.

Limit signs to essential identification of spaces, direction, information and regulation. Locate required signs in an orderly uncluttered arrangement. Ensure that types, sizes, materials and colors are coordinated throughout an entire facility. Avoid sign proliferation.

Follow UFC 3-120-01 for placement, layout and typography. Appropriately relate the quality of sign materials to the Facility Group designation.


Reduce environmental impact of materials. Promote indoor environmental quality through material specifications that include consideration of environmentally preferable products, products with recycled content, as well as low-emitting and biologically-based products.

Specify materials and products with low pollutant emissions, including composite wood products, adhesives, sealants, paints and finishes.

Specify materials and products with low VOC (low-emitting materials) including composite wood products, adhesives, sealants, coatings, and finishes. Meet or exceed EPA's requirements for recycled content. Specify products meeting or exceeding USDA recommendations for biobased content while meeting IFS for durability and quality.


At locations with high temperatures and humidity and intense UV light, avoid the use of sign materials that degrade, weaken or fade in these conditions.

UFC 3-120-01 Design: Sign Standards

UFC 3-120-10 Interior Design