Lighting, Power and Communication

Air Force Corporate Standards

Provide daylighting as the primary lighting source and supplement it with highly efficient ambient and task lighting. Integrate lighting controls, timers, occupancy sensors and photo cells with fixtures to maximize energy savings from the daylighting.

Fully integrate lighting, power and communications systems and equipment with the overall building design. Ensure maximum adaptability of these systems.

Properly select fixtures and devices for the Facility Group.


When artificial ambient and task lighting is required, use low-energy lamping in accordance with UFC 3-530-01. Provide a color spectrum similar to daylight to promote healthy circadian rhythms.

Situate equipment to preserve the paths of daylighting.

Promote indoor environmental quality and products with recycled content.

Comply with EPA mandates for recycled content. Meet USDA requirements for biobased content. Satisfy IFS for quality, performance and durability corresponding to the facility group.


At locations where high humidity is prevalent, avoid the use of materials that oxidize or corrode excessively and degrade performance of systems when exposed to these conditions. When intense UV light is prevalent, avoid the use of materials that degrade, weaken or fade in this condition.

UFC 3-120-10 Interior Design

UFC 3-520-01 Interior Electrical Systems

UFC 3-530-01 Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems and Controls

UFC 3-580-01 Telecommunications Interior Infrastructure Planning and Design