Air Force Corporate Facilities Standards


Utility Components

  • Provide all on-site utility service lines below grade for Facility Group 1; when mounting elements—such as utility cabinets, communications equipment and water valves—above grade is unavoidable, paint these consistently and provide visual screening following Installation Facilities Standards (IFS).
  • Provide installation of utility infrastructure to support near term and future electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Define all service entry points into the building and route distribution below grade into an interior space within the facility; exposed conduits, cables and wires on exterior walls are not permitted for Facility Group 1.
  • Include consideration of appropriate placement of meters in support of Automated Revenue Management Services (ARMS).
  • Limit exterior mechanical distribution systems such as exterior steam, chilled water, and hot water distribution to Group 3 facilities; when required for Group 1 and 2 facilities integrate with the architecture and provide visual screens following IFS.
  • Direct roof drainage to underground collection when feasible or provide splash blocks / paved channels to intercept roof drainage at grade.

Conduct a life cycle cost analysis and thoroughly evaluate feasibility of ground-source, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, and grey-water reclamation systems. Include third party financing such as Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), Enhanced Use Leases (EULs) and Public-Private Partnerships in the analysis to the maximum extent practical. Integrate all utilities and components to be visually cohesive with the facility with service lines below grade for Facility Group 1 and when economically feasible for Facility Groups 2, 3 and 4.

Fully integrate all utility equipment, components and subcomponents with facilities following Installation Facilities Standards (IFS) to eliminate the need for visual screening and to preserve architectural features. Wall-mounted utility elements on facades are prohibited for Facility Group 1 and discouraged for Facility Groups 2, 3 and 4.


Comply with guidance for energy efficiency and sustainable design under UFC 1-200-02. Aggressively pursue renewable-energy power sources such as ground-source and solar photovoltaic when cost effective.

UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements

UFC 3-101-01 Architecture

UFC 3-201-01 Civil Engineering

UFC 3-401-01 Mechanical Engineering

UFC 3-440-01 Facility-Scale Renewable Energy Systems

UFC 3-501-01 Electrical Engineering

UFC 3-550-01 Exterior Electrical Power Distribution

UFC 3-575-01 Lightning and Static Electricity Protection Systems

UFC 3-580-01 Telecommunications Interior Infrastructure Planning and Design

UFC 3-600-01 Fire Protection Engineering for Facilities