Air Force Corporate Facilities Standards


Fixtures and Lamping

  • Efficiently install parking lot, sidewalk and facility lighting with appropriate luminaires, lamping, placement and spacing following Installation Facilities Standards (IFS); pole-mounted, wall-mounted and bollard fixtures are permitted.
  • Integrate controls to automatically reduce lighting power during periods of non-activity; automatically turn off power when sufficient daylight is available.
  • Sufficiently address environmental factors to prevent corrosion and weathering of fixtures, plinths and other components.
  • Economically provide renewable-energy power sources such as solar photovoltaic when feasible.
  • Use appropriately designed or shielded luminaires to direct light downward to minimize light pollution and intrusion onto adjacent sites and to facilitate night training.
  • Coordinate the design, luminaire selection, and placement with the location of trees, shrubs, and other site furnishings; landscape accent lighting may be use in public gathering spaces and in Group 1 facilities.
  • Develop lighting in parking areas to provide an illuminated path to the building’s main entrance.
  • Efficient architectural accent lighting may be provided on Group 1 and historically significant structures following IFS.

Reduce energy consumption by using energy efficient technologies, effective illuminance levels and by implementing control strategies while ensuring appropriate lighting quality. Select long-life technologies, lamps, fixtures and finishes and limit quantities to reduce maintenance requirements. Address antiterrorism and physical security following UFC 4-010-01.

Ensure the quality and quantities of lighting and fixtures are appropriate for the Facility Group.


Comply with guidance for energy efficiency and sustainable design under UFC 1-200-02. Aggressively pursue renewable-energy power sources such as solar photovoltaic when cost effective.

UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements

UFC 3-101-01 Architecture

UFC 3-201-01 Civil Engineering

UFC 3-401-01 Mechanical Engineering

UFC 3-501-01 Electrical Engineering

UFC 3-530-01 Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems and Controls

UFC 3-550-01 Exterior Electrical Power Distribution

UFC 3-575-01 Lightning and Static Electricity Protection Systems

UFC 3-580-01 Telecommunications Interior Infrastructure Planning and Design

UFC 3-600-01 Fire Protection Engineering for Facilities