Stormwater Requirements

  1. Design all stormwater systems including retention ponds, detention areas, channels, etc. as on-site amenities that are consistent with natural systems and drainage patterns, that help sustain the base landscape with beneficial functionality and that provide aesthetic appeal; coordinate with the base Stormwater Management Plan.
  2. Incorporate bioswales into the design of all roadway, parking and facility roof systems to enhance water quality and support the overall stormwater system.
  3. Permeable paving may be used in areas that are not subjected to severe freeze-thaw cycles.
  4. Provide rainwater harvesting and storage that is attached to the building's roof drain systems to support grey water irrigation; consider freeze protection for winter months.
  5. When underground drainage systems are required establish a maintenance program to include removal of sediments and debris; inspect joints seasonally for alignment to prevent leakage and the development of voids and surface failures.
  6. Cost-effectively integrate stormwater systems with AT measures.

Manage stormwater runoff by emulating the site’s pre-development hydrology using passive and active design features that infiltrate, store and evaporate runoff close to its source of origin.


Analyze pre-development hydrology including soil type, ground cover, and ground slope to establish water volume to be managed following UFC 3-210-10. Cost effectively design on-site interception, infiltration, storage, or evapotranspiration systems to manage the increase in runoff between pre- and post-development conditions. Seek opportunities to increase alternative water sources for landscape irrigation, which reduce the demand on potable water.


Follow DoD and AF criteria to collect and process climate data and forecast peak discharge flows into drainage basins. Design new infrastructure to accommodate projected flood elevations from rainfall events.

Provide an acceptable level of resilient elements, systems, materials, and detailing for infrastructure based on documented risks; ensure critical infrastructure is adequately addressed. Use a risk-based approach to manage stormwater and water resources to directly support mission assurance.

UFC 3-201-01 Civil Engineering

UFC 3-210-10 Low Impact Development

U. S. Air Force Project Manager’s Guide for Design and Construction