Installation Development Plan

  1. Bases are required to provide and maintain Installation Facilities Standards (IFS) as a Component Plan of the base’s Installation Development Plan (IDP).
  2. Include under this topic in the IFS a brief history of the base and its unique climatic conditions, which affect the design of installation elements, sites, facilities exteriors and facilities interiors.
  3. Provide in the IFS a brief overview of the base’s vision for future development.

Comply with UFC 2-100-01 for Master Planning Strategies. Follow AFI 32-1015 for Air Force Integrated Installation Planning, the Installation Development Plan and the Comprehensive Planning Platform.

Installation Planning Standards (IPS), which are identified in the above referenced UFC, include Street Envelope Standards and Landscape Standards. These topics shall be contained in the base’s Installation Facilities Standards (IFS) document and applied under the IFS program.


Apply Sustainability Development Indicators (SDI) in the comprehensive planning process and consider SDI values and information when developing and updating the base’s Installation Development Plan (IDP).

Consider facility utilization and building reuse as a sustainability issue and do not heat, cool, or unnecessarily maintain unused or excess facilities.

UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements

UFC 2-100-01 Installation Master Planning

AFI 32-1015 Integrated Installation Planning