IFS Regional Templates

Air Force Corporate Standards

Use Air Force resources including AFCFS to develop and refine base standards that comply with DoD and AF design criteria including High Performance and Sustainable Buildings (HPSB). Bases are required to meet the performance metrics of UFC 1-200-02 while providing facilities that meet performance requirements of AFCFS.

Utilize AFCFS as a portal and use its links to access applicable reference materials and requirements documents for design and construction projects. Refer to AFCFS sections for DoD and AF criteria applicable to each section. Programming, design and contract documents will meet the requirements of UFC 1-200-01.

Base standards in the IFS will consider the local climate and integrate stock narrative from the applicable regional IFS Template following the instructions provided in the IFS Operators Manual (IFS-OM). Redundancy should be avoided; do not repeat information in the IFS that is already addressed by AFCFS, UFC or Memoranda – reference the source document if needed. IFS users are encouraged to access AFCFS through the links provided.

Establish and maintain base-wide standards in the IFS and consider the Installation Development Plan's planning districts, which are synonymous with IFS' facility districts, following the IFS-OM.

Identify acceptable materials for the local climate and define their performance standards in the IFS. Relate the visual quality of materials to the Facility Group number; refer to Facility Hierarchy and Facility Quality in the AFCFS.

Simplify the process for implementing base standards by communicating standards as brief directives. Simplify the review process for Air Force personnel by organizing content in the appropriate location in the IFS. Maintain the standard IFS format throughout the Air Force.

The IFS Regional Template includes IFS Worksheets for developing narrative content, a File Directory for organizing documents and images, and an IFS fill-in PDF form, which is fully editable. The final IFS becomes a "living document" that can be regularly updated by base-level personnel following a format that is consistent across the Air Force.

While the format is standardized, IFS content may be customized by base personnel following the IFS-OM for base operations and the local climate to ensure mission success while emphasizing reduced maintenance and reduced initial costs, life-cycle costs, energy use, and water use.

Notify AFCEC prior to beginning a new IFS or a major update to an existing IFS here:


Refer to AFCFS and develop base standards in the IFS consistently within the guidelines and references provided.

Comply with UFC 1-200-02, and evaluate the site and building components to determine whether passive and natural design strategies and features are cost effectively incorporated before the active and mechanical systems are designed. Include preferred strategies and features in the IFS where applicable.


Refer to AFCFS and develop standards consistently within the guidelines and references provided.

Consider and address severe weather and climate phenomenon in base standards in the applicable sections of the IFS. Include design strategies to mitigate climate-related risks.

Ensure mission assurance and resilience while preserving strategies to achieve sustainability.

UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements