AFDAP Overview

The Air Force Design Awards Program (AFDAP) is an enterprise-wide program recognizing facilities that demonstrate design excellence while meeting AFCFS and IFS requirements, DoD metrics for performance, and AF budget requirements. Projects that are clearly remarkable may receive the program’s highest level of recognition.

Awards Categories are:
Honor Award
Merit Award
Citation Award

All AF new and renovations projects that comply with AFCFS and IFS are eligible for submission. Refer to the sample application form which lists 6 prerequisite base standards that must be satisfied for each climate region. Projects must have been constructed on a U.S. military installation 3 years prior to the submission deadline.

The Call for Entries is officially made in the spring of each year. Deadlines are mid-July. Evaluations are conducted and award winners are announced during the fall. The awards ceremony is held in December. Refer to the Calendar of Events for the current year which may be downloaded from these pages.

Locate and download required information and available tools and resources from these AFDAP web pages. Review instructions to prepare and submit an application for a design award prior to downloading an application. Applicants are encouraged to review all information under the “Applicant Information” and past awards winners’ submissions to determine the level of quality required.

Air Force installations are organized into climate regions under AFCFS and IFS. Refer to the IFS for the installation where a project is being developed prior to beginning the design and comply with the base standards. Projects that meet the requirements of the IFS may submit an application for a design award.

Photography and Project Data
Quality photographs and project information may be assessed under “01. Award Winners.” Brochures featuring winners from previous years are available under this topic.

Images from previous awards submissions may be accessed under “02. Images Libraries.”

Image Credits
Professional quality photographs are recommended. Photographers who wish to be recognized may provide their information on the application. All images will become the property of the Air Force and may be used in this AFDAP and in the AFCFS, and IFS programs.

A panel of distinguished jurors evaluate each entry for compliance with AFCFS and IFS with an emphasis on design responses to regional climatic constraints and opportunities.

Project entries are recognized based on levels of success and creativity to meet the requirements while satisfying the base standards defined in the IFS. The most remarkable designs will be recognized at one of the levels of award.

All projects must demonstrate design excellence including a sense of place, environmental sustainability and heritage.

Jurors also specifically evaluate entries based on the locale and region and recognized design that embody an understanding of permanence.

Submission Process
Visit "Applicant Information" for full submission details prior to the deadline. It is recommended to read the submission requirements prior to beginning the application process. Submission fees are paid by the U.S. Air Force.

By meeting AFCFS and IFS requirements for quality, compatibility, resilience, and performance, all our new and renovated facilities will represent the dignity, virtue and long-term sustainability of the U.S. Air Force.